We all have our reasons for liking Reese Witherspoon. What's your reason? Email them to:

She portrays cuteness and innocence rather than sexyness.

She has such a positive attitude.

She's almost always so happy.

She's very talented.

She's not your steriotypical "blonde". She's very intelligent; you can tell that in the way she talks.

She puts her child first.

She's absolutely dedicated to her work. (She stayed up until midnight just so she could do a phone interview with CosmoGirl!)

She's not just a "Hollywood star". She's so real and approachable; average people can really relate to her.

She's very modest and claims that she actually prefers people to laugh at her instead of telling her how pretty she is.

She's a strong believer in love. (Duh. After all, she's found it in Ryan Phillipe!)